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Moving from Accumulating to Distributing Your Wealth

At Lutz & Associates, we've spent the last 19 years helping over 400 families plan for a secure retirement. One important thing to understand is the difference between saving or accumulating your wealth and spending or distributing your wealth. Saving for retirement is only half the battle!

Planning to distribute your retirement assets so they'll last a lifetime in a complex and challenging problem. In this exclusive webinar, we'll review our strategies for:

  • Protecting your retirement assets
  • Planning for cash flow in retirement
  • Defining the purpose of your retirement savings
  • Debt during retirement
  • Living your desired lifestyle in retirement

Join us today to learn how to turn your net worth into cash flow during retirement. At the end of the webinar, you'll get a complimentary retirement planning consultation. Download the Webinar Slides here.

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