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Farm Families

Do you have a strategy that answers the following questions?

Do you have a strategy that answers the following questions?

  • How do I retire from the farm?
  • Do I have to buy the farm from other family members? If “yes”, how?
  • How do I leave my legacy in a way that is fair to all of my loved ones?
  • What happens to the farm in the event of the following:
    • An unforeseen lawsuit
    • Long-term health care needs
    • Unforeseen disability
    • If a partner gets divorced
    • Premature death
    • Unforeseen estate expenses

What is the solution?

Working almost exclusively with farmers on a daily basis allows us insights into your unique challenges. After working on the farm every day dealing with issues like herd health, production, labor, equipment repairs, and cash flow, the last thing you want to do is an “estate plan” or a “business transfer plan.” Despite this, the unfortunate truth is that if you fail to plan – you are planning to fail.

You are not alone.

We are committed to helping farm families be in a position of having choices. We often play the quarterback to the team of advisors required to create a successful strategy. Our goal is to decrease the amount of work for you and increase your confidence. Experience has taught us that communication is the key to creating a successful estate plan. It also requires trust, respect and flexibility. We work hard in getting each family member and partner to express what is important to them and then customize solutions that best work for each of you. Together, we co-create a plan that allows your farm to thrive despite any adverse situation.