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Cash Flow Mapping

Set up an account on Cash Flow Mapping (CFM) and use this unique tool to help you become aware of how much money you have remaining after meeting your fixed expenses every month. Take the first step to analyze your spending so you can "tell your money where to go, instead of asking where it went.”

This is not a budgeting tool. Cash flow mapping (CFM) is an awareness tool. It is designed to help you become aware of how much money you have remaining after meeting your payroll deductions and fixed expenses each month. Fixed expenses are easy to identify. At Lutz & Associates, we define a fixed expense as a predictable expense that arrives on a regular basis, whether it’s every 30 days, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Budgeting usually entails trying to figure out your discretionary spending habits; we define discretionary spending as your variable expenses. Although tracking your discretionary spending is useful, and we can help you with The Living Balance Sheet®, budgeting each individual category of your variable expenses is often a fruitless exercise. How do we know? We did it ourselves and with our clients for years, no one could ever stick with it, which often leads to frustration and disappointment. It is kind of like a diet, which sounds good in the beginning but is usually not sustainable.

After 16 years of experience, we have discovered that one of the greatest areas of discontent around money is not understanding the dynamics of cash flow. This doesn’t necessarily mean people spend too much or don’t save enough; it means people don’t communicate with each other and make intentional choices with their money. Lack of communication can create conflicts and contradictions, so we use (CFM) to help families better communicate about their money.