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Cash Flow Mapping


Set up an account on Cash Flow Mapping (CFM) and use this unique tool to help you become aware of how much money you have remaining after meeting your fixed expenses every month. Take the first step to analyze your spending so you can "tell your money where to go, instead of asking where it went.”

Current Problem with Managing Cash Flow:  Most budgeting tools are really expense tracking tools. We see the value in tracking your expenses but first you need to know how much is available to spend. It is the difference between looking in the rear view mirror versus out the windshield. The rear view mirror tells you here you have been. Looking out the windshield tells you where you are going.

After 21 years of experience, we have discovered that one of the greatest areas of discontent around money is not understanding the dynamics of cash flow. This doesn’t necessarily mean people spend too much or don’t save enough; it means people don’t communicate with each other and make intentional choices with their money. Lack of communication can create conflicts and contradictions, so we use (CFM) to help families better communicate about their money