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Business Owners

Affectionately referred to as “Blue Collar Millionaires”; they typically love what they do, they create jobs, and they understand their value proposition. These clients take risks every day with employee relations, compliance, regulatory agencies, debt, etc. Many of them have business partners, key-employees and/or family working in the business.

Services offered:

  • Financial organization
  • Wealth protection review
  • Key employee reward programs
  • Buy/sell planning and funding
  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth management including 401(k)

Having owned a family business, Carl has a unique insight on how difficult it is to find and keep good staff. He also knows how hard you work as a business owner and the importance of being able to maximize every dollar in the most efficient way possible. Designed properly, strategies specific to business owners help you to be competitive in the job market place, reward and retain key employee’s and to maximize your ability to accumulate retirement assets.